Architecture & Interior Design
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​Christopher Haupt, AIA

COO & Principal

Chris joined the firm in 2011 when his firm, the Haupt Group, merged with DLA+ and in 2017 was named Chief Operating Officer. He is an award winning designer, an expert in strategic planning and project management with nearly 30 years of experience, 25 years of which have in Sports, Higher Education and Commercial/Corporate.

Chris’ planning, management and design work includes significant projects that have helped shape the Pittsburgh Region and campuses across Pennsylvania. His work includes major projects for professional sports franchises, collegiate athletics, corporate and retail facilities for financial institutions and numerous academic projects for Higher Education clients. He is passionate about helping to build sports facilities that bring in the crowds, build revenue and help recruit athletes. He loves to design educational facilities that inspire learning and that are economical. He attacks corporate and commercial planning projects with an eye towards functional efficiency and helping companies build their brand.

At Carnegie Mellon University, Chris was an Honors Student in Architecture, minored in Business, and was an Academic All-American Varsity Linebacker. His passion for design, business strategy, learning and sports helped form his career path.

In the past 25 years, Chris has rapidly evolved from an intern architect, to a project manager and one of Pittsburgh's leading Architects and one of Pittsburgh's "Fastest 40" by the Pittsburgh Business Times in 2007. He has helped his alma mater’s athletics program by serving on the Tartan Athletics Club Board of Directors. Chris enjoys golf and rooting for Pittsburgh sports teams in his free time.