Architecture & Interior Design

​Tippin Gymnasium & Natatorium Renovation

The DLA+GUND Partnership Joint Venture was selected by PA DGS to provide design services for Clarion University’s Tippin Gymnasium Renovation and Expansion.

Project Team

Astorino dennis
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Architect of Record
DLA+GUND Partnership Joint Venture
Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS)
Teaming Partners
Joint Venture with GUND Partnership
Interior Design
Construction Administration
Completion Date
Estimated 2018
Project Size
​150,000 SF
Project Cost
​$37 Million

Project Challenges and Outcomes


The project includes renovations to the Tippin building (including the gymnasium and natatorium) and a new recreation pool. Due to the Athletics’ schedule and events the University hosts, the building cannot be closed for renovations.


Given the need for the building to be fully occupied during construction, a complex phasing plan was developed by the design team and University. The renovations will be implemented in 8 sequences. This sequenced phasing will allow the University to maintain their athletic schedule for sports programs and community and local high school activities that use this space.