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Most Popular Multifamily Amenities

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The multifamily amenities arms race is not over. Tenants are looking for the latest and greatest amenity spaces while developers are looking to gain a competitive edge by installing the most popular multifamily amenities. The 2019 Multifamily Design+Construction Amenities Study surveys multifamily developers, owners, designers, and construction professionals to find out which amenity spaces are being provided most frequently in apartment and condo communities. Based on the amenities higher on the lists, it seems the idea of the sharing economy is influencing which amenities are being installed most.

Top Outdoor Amenities

  • 60% of respondents installed an outdoor lounge area
  • 59% of respondents installed a fire pit/grill area
  • 58% of respondents installed storage outside units


The Largest Amenity Increases from 2017

  • 44% of respondents installed an outdoor kitchen which is 19% more than in 2017.
  • 37% of respondents installed a community garden/urban farm which is a 25% more than in 2017.


Top Indoor Amenities

  • 75% of respondents installed in-unit washers/dryers
  • 65% of respondents installed an indoor lounge area
  • 63% of respondents installed an indoor community kitchen area


The Largest Amenity Increase from 2017

The installation of indoor community kitchens is 24% more than in 2017.


Top Recreational Amenities

  • 47% of respondents installed pool tables
  • 41% of respondents installed game/arcade/simulator rooms
  • 39% of respondents installed gyms/basketball/volleyball courts


The Largest Amenity Increases from 2017

  • The installation of gyms/basketball/volleyball courts is 43% more than 2017.
  • 38% of respondents installed jogging/walking paths which is 39% more than in 2017.


It’s evident many of the top amenities being installed in multifamily buildings are shared amenity spaces. This isn’t surprising given the growth of the shared economy. Tenants are looking for spaces they can hang out in that have a more community feel.  The number of amenities on tenants’ wish lists aren’t decreasing anytime soon, so we will continue seeing an increase in demand for multifamily amenities.

View the complete Multifamily Design+Construction survey.

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