Architecture & Interior Design

Petersen Sports Complex

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Architect of Record
LR Kimball
University of Pittsburgh
DLA+ Staff Role
Chris Haupt, AIA - Sports Practice Leader and Principal in Charge
Completion Date
Project Size
30,000 SF (supporting buildings – vending, locker rooms, etc.) / 900 seats for the softball field, 1000 seats for the baseball and soccer fields

Project Challenges and Outcomes 


900 seats for the softball field, 1000 seats for the baseball and soccer fields.  The Petersen Sports Complex highlights include:

  • Baseball Stadium: includes hitting and pitching practice areas, team dugouts and a press box. Synthetic grass allows the Panthers to play and practice throughout the year, while  the lighting allows for evening games. 
  • Softball Stadium: has a skinned infield with an artificial grass outfield, as well as hitting  and pitching practice areas. The stadium has lighting, team dugouts and a press box.
  • Soccer Stadium: is a practice and competition venue, complete with a synthetic grass field, lighting and a press box.