Architecture & Interior Design

Tech Tower Conference Center - Two PNC

DLA+ was retained by The PNC Financial Services Group to design the Conference Center floor of Tech Tower in downtown Pittsburgh.

The PNC Financial Services Group
Interior Design
Construction Administration
Completion Date
June 2019
Project Size
15,400 SF

Project Challenges and Outcomes


 PNC’s mission was to renovate the conference floor to create spaces where teams could learn and collaborate in meeting rooms, focus in an executive suite, and refresh and recharge in break-out spaces.


The renovated Conference Center and amenity floor hosts meeting rooms, break-out spaces, an executive suite, special projects suites, and wellness rooms.  

The meeting rooms encourage collaboration and learning among employees. The rooms can be traditional conference rooms or classroom inspired learning rooms. Moveable partitions are available to subdivide large rooms for more focused teamwork and learning. Easily reconfigurable tables and chairs allow employees to transform the spaces to fit their needs. Break-out spaces, as well as wellness rooms, are smaller more private areas that allow employees to step away from team huddle areas to refocus and recharge. The executive suite is a large, flexible space that can be used for focused team collaboration or individual tasks. Lastly, the special projects suite is a specific space that has access to a large conference room and a small attached conference space.  

The variety of spaces and configuration options give employees the flexibility to choose different working environments based on the task at hand.